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We understand the specific communications needs of the FE/HE sectors, connecting staff within departments and to students. We tailor everything we do around providing best unified communications practice and requirements for educational institutions – including student engagement, CRM and social media integrations, and OFSTED compliance.


We’re helping educational institutions streamline their communications needs within the FE/HE sector


Improve efficiency and productivity with seamless communication

Colleges often have ailing legacy systems, and will see untold benefits of moving everything to the cloud. With all Conversant's solutions harnessing the native power of MS Teams as a basis, we will:

  • Secure your data
  • Enable you to reduce staff overhead by creating greater efficiency with everything under one umbrella
  • All your storage and data will be part of the Teams package, with easy access for everyone who is allocated it, and integration with your CRM.

Unified communications for education will boost your success in...

Student engagement

We will specifically help you keep in touch with your students – increasing their engagement by communicating in the tools they use, such as WhatsApp or Instagram.

Our contact centre solution will easily route calls to the right department, while your supervisors will be able to plan and manage all aspects of student contact.

User mobility

Our hybrid solutions will also increase user mobility, for staff and students in multiple locations or campuses, so you can work, communicate and share information wherever you are based.

OFSTED compliance

Our integrated communications platform will also help you with OFSTED, as all your data will integrate securely with your CRM. It can also demonstrate your QA, auditing and record-keeping compliance, while our omni-channel communication options will showcase your commitment to inclusivity and student engagement.

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