Social Messaging 

With social media integration you can now manage all your customer social messages directly from Microsoft Teams. 

Manage and reply to social media messages from Microsoft Teams

Integrating social media platforms with our Contact Centre can significantly enhance both business operations and customer satisfaction.

Social Media integration streamlines communications by consolidating various channels including Facebook Messenger, X, WhatsApp and SMS into a single interface, reducing the need to toggle between different platforms.

This unified approach allows for more efficient management of customer interactions, leading to quicker response times and improved productivity.

Let your customers reach you the way they choose

For customers, the integration provides a seamless and consistent omnichannel experience, allowing them to reach out for support through their preferred social media channels while ensuring their issues are addressed promptly.

Automated Chatbot for the most common quieries

Our chatbot leverages cutting-edge natural language processing and artificial intelligence to understand and respond to your inquiries in real time. 

By automating routine tasks and providing instant responses, our chatbot ensures efficiency, improves customer satisfaction, and streamlines your customers overall experience.

Embrace the future of customer engagement with our automated chatbot, designed to make your online interactions smoother and more accessible than ever before.

The benefits of Social Messaging Management

Centralised Communication

Integrating social media channels into MS Teams allows users to manage and respond to messages from various platforms within a single interface, reducing the need to switch between multiple applications.

Efficient Customer Engagement

The integration facilitates quick and efficient engagement with customers.  Messages and inquiries can be responded to promptly, for a more engaging and positive customer experience. 

Enhanced Visibility and Tracking

Gain a comprehensive view of all social media interactions to track customer engagement, monitor trends, and analyse social media performance, providing valuable insights for marketing and customer service strategies.

Streamlined Workflows

Establish streamlined workflows so team members can easily assign tasks, escalate issues, and collaborate on responses, promoting a more organised and efficient resolution process.


Our intuitive visual dashboards provide all the insight you need with measurable statistics and goals for your activity. Understand how your agents are speaking with your customers and report on:
  • The number of messages received
  • Average response time
  • Average messages per conversation
  • Average time assigned to an agent

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Adnan Khan

Head of Service Delivery
Adnan joined Conversant Technology in 2018 and is head of Service Delivery. He focuses on making sure our solutions are configured and implemented on time and our customers have a seamless journey from sales and project scoping all the way to through to going live and handover.

Adnan has been in the communications Industry for over 10 years, working in different capacities in sales, support and service delivery.

Stephanie Scholtz

Marketing Manager
Stephanie has worked in Marketing for over 5 years specialising in content and SEO marketing. Starting with Conversant in April 2023 as their Marketing Manager, she is also studying towards her L6 Degree in Professional Marketing with the Chartered Institue of Marketing. 

Simon Nakra

Simon is responsible for the overall sales and marketing at Conversant Technology, focusing on working with his team to help customers with their unified communications journey. With over 20 years of sales, marketing and account management experience and has spent the past 10 years helping companies and organisations unify their communications strategy by adopting Microsoft solutions (Lync, SfB, Teams).

Simon has worked across key sectors such as education, NHS, legal, finance, and public sector organisations, giving him an excellent understanding of the challenges companies face when it comes to remote and hybrid working.  Simon’s approach is to always put the needs of his customers first, becoming a trusted advisor and acting as the central point of transparent communication between Conversant and the customer.

Simon joined Conversant Technology at the beginning of 2019 but has worked with Patrick and Stanley since 2013 on various projects.

Patrick Copping

CEO and Director
Patrick Joined Conversant Technology in 2017 and is the majority shareholder. A veteran of the communications industry, Patrick has over 20 years of experience working within the Unified Communications, Software Development and Microsoft Technologies sectors.

Patrick started his career at BT where he ran outsourced Contact Centre operations for blue-chip customers.  After leaving BT, he worked within the Contact Centre and Communications software markets providing Contact Centre and Communications software to organisations.  Patrick was one of the pioneers in delivering solutions utilising the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Patrick is responsible for the overall management of Conversant Technology, focusing on the strategic direction of the business, its portfolio, and strategic partners.