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Upgrade your Microsoft Teams environment into a professional Omnichannel Contact Centre 

Omnichannel Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams

Take your communication strategy to the next level with the ROGER365.io native Contact Centre for Microsoft Teams. By simplifying communication workflows and empowering agents to manage calls, messages, and social interactions within a single communications environment, you’ll be able to deliver exceptional customer service, increase efficiency, and reduce operational cost.
  • Voice, chat and Social Messaging
  • Advance AI capabilities
  • Attendant Console for Receptionists
  • Agent and Supervisor functions
  • CRM Integration
  • Enhanced reporting and insights
  • Advanced Call Flow Editor
  • Workflow integration

Built for Microsoft Teams

Certified Microsoft Teams Solution

Microsoft 365 Certified

Key features

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Omnichannel Solution

Offer a seamless and integrated customer experience across multiple communication channels, including voice, chat, SMS, webchat, and social messaging, allowing for consistent and cohesive interactions.

Powered by AI

Utilise advanced technologies such as Azure OpenAI, translation technology, Microsoft Copilot, and Sentiment Analysis to optimise customer experiences.

Attendant Console

Effortlessly manage incoming calls with features such as favorites, calendar integration, callback request and note-taking capabilities ensuring smooth and efficient call handling.

Supervisor Functionality

Empower your supervisors with real-time insights and agent management capabilities. Seamlessly join calls, whisper, or listen-in to provide immediate support and coaching to your agents.

CRM Integration

Provide your agents with instant access to customer data from your CRM, enabling personalised service, data synchronisationand task management.

Reporting and Insights

Unlock advanced insights by seamlessly integrating PowerBI reporting and other management tools. Gain invaluable perspectives to support your business’ continuous improvement strategy.

Advanced Call Flow Editor

Optimise your call flows to ensure they’re directed to the right agents at the right time, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency

Workflow Integration

Empower your organisation by implementing systems to automate repetitive tasks and seamlessly integrate omnichannel communication into your workflow.

Why choose a Microsoft contact centre

of customers use three or more channels to communicate with one company
of consumers cited “multiple options for communicating” as the most important feature of a company’s customer service department
of customers would switch to a different company if it could provide better CX
of customer service employees say switching between multiple communication channels has made it
challenging to meet customer needs

Integrated AI technology that supports your customers and your agents

Streamline your communication workflows and processes with the power of advanced AI capabilities and functions.  Utilise cutting-edge technologies such as Azure OpenAI, translation technology, Microsoft Copilot, and Sentiment Analysis to optimise customer experiences. By leveraging text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities, you can further enhance communication channels and provide a seamless experience for customers across all channels.
  • AI-Powered Translation: Real-time language translation to facilitate communication in multiple languages.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Assessing customer sentiment to tailor responses appropriately.
  • Voice synthesis and speech recognition:
    Use text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) for more efficient and accessible communications

Social Media Integration

Plug-in all your social media platforms, whether it’s a web-based chatbot, text messaging, WhatsApp, or Facebook, all interactions can be managed and replied to directly from Microsoft Teams.

Enhance even further, whilst spreading the cost

The ROGER365.io Contact Centre stands as a pinnacle of adaptability, seamlessly integrating with any CRM system and Microsoft PowerApps to offer bespoke communication services. 

And with our expertise in Contact Centre software, we really excel in tailoring bespoke elements to meet the specific demands of our customers. By using the PowerFrame within the ROGER365.io Contact Centre,  users can weave custom applications into their communication workflows, tailoring services to their unique business needs.

This collaborative integration not only streamlines operations but also unlocks the potential for businesses to create bespoke services that align perfectly with their objectives.

Manage all your communications modules with C360

Exclusively for Conversant customers, you'll get free access to our communication management portal C360 with any of our products.

C360 provides a comprehensive toolset to gain a holistic view of your communication platforms and services. By integrating data from all your communication channels such as email, messaging apps, and social media, C360 aggregates information into a unified interface.

Users can monitor interactions, track metrics like response times and engagement levels, and analyse trends across different platforms.

This consolidated overview enables businesses to streamline communication strategies, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure a cohesive approach to customer engagement and internal communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, each deployment is fortified with a dedicated firewall, essentially functioning as a robust security gatekeeper. This ensures that only authorised data traffic is allowed, safeguarding your sensitive information.

Furthermore, we offer the option for IP-specific access. This means we can configure your system so that only devices with pre-approved IP addresses can connect to your instances, enhancing security by restricting access to a select group of known, trusted users.

Additionally, we can facilitate the implementation of site-to-site VPNs. This creates a secure, encrypted connection between your office network and our services, resembling a direct, private line. This not only ensures data integrity and confidentiality during transmission but also aligns with best practices for secure remote access in a business environment.

Setting up your services with us is straightforward and tailored to meet the needs of your business efficiently. Our team takes the lead in integrating your Microsoft Teams environment into our platform. This process involves a comprehensive setup where we enable Microsoft Teams to function not just as your collaboration tool but also as your advanced telephone system.

We handle all the technical aspects, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal input required from your end. Our focus is on delivering a hassle-free experience, allowing you to leverage the full capabilities of Microsoft Teams for both internal communications and external calls, all within a unified system.

Our dedicated support team will be available to guide you through each step, addressing any queries you might have, and ensuring that the setup aligns perfectly with your business requirements.

Yes, C360 is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. Its modular structure allows businesses to tailor the solution based on their specific needs and scale as they grow.

Absolutely. C360 offers flexibility, allowing businesses to customise their experience by selecting and integrating specific modules that align with their communication and operational requirements.

C360 provides omnichannel solutions, allowing businesses to manage multiple communication channels seamlessly. This enhances customer engagement by ensuring consistent and cohesive interactions across various platforms, such as email, social media, and chat.

C360 contributes to cost savings by offering a unified platform that consolidates communication channels. This reduces the need for multiple suppliers and platforms, resulting in operational efficiency and lower costs.

Our other products 

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Adnan Khan

Head of Service Delivery
Adnan joined Conversant Technology in 2018 and is head of Service Delivery. He focuses on making sure our solutions are configured and implemented on time and our customers have a seamless journey from sales and project scoping all the way to through to going live and handover.

Adnan has been in the communications Industry for over 10 years, working in different capacities in sales, support and service delivery.

Stephanie Scholtz

Marketing Manager
Stephanie has worked in Marketing for over 5 years specialising in content and SEO marketing. Starting with Conversant in April 2023 as their Marketing Manager, she is also studying towards her L6 Degree in Professional Marketing with the Chartered Institue of Marketing. 

Simon Nakra

Simon is responsible for the overall sales and marketing at Conversant Technology, focusing on working with his team to help customers with their unified communications journey. With over 20 years of sales, marketing and account management experience and has spent the past 10 years helping companies and organisations unify their communications strategy by adopting Microsoft solutions (Lync, SfB, Teams).

Simon has worked across key sectors such as education, NHS, legal, finance, and public sector organisations, giving him an excellent understanding of the challenges companies face when it comes to remote and hybrid working.  Simon’s approach is to always put the needs of his customers first, becoming a trusted advisor and acting as the central point of transparent communication between Conversant and the customer.

Simon joined Conversant Technology at the beginning of 2019 but has worked with Patrick and Stanley since 2013 on various projects.

Patrick Copping

CEO and Director
Patrick Joined Conversant Technology in 2017 and is the majority shareholder. A veteran of the communications industry, Patrick has over 20 years of experience working within the Unified Communications, Software Development and Microsoft Technologies sectors.

Patrick started his career at BT where he ran outsourced Contact Centre operations for blue-chip customers.  After leaving BT, he worked within the Contact Centre and Communications software markets providing Contact Centre and Communications software to organisations.  Patrick was one of the pioneers in delivering solutions utilising the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Patrick is responsible for the overall management of Conversant Technology, focusing on the strategic direction of the business, its portfolio, and strategic partners.