What is 'Skype for Business' Enterprise Voice?

  • Published: 02 October 2018
  • Author: Shane Ransom
  • Cateogry: General

Skype for Business (SfB) Enterprise Voice is the ability make and receive all your business phone calls via your SfB account.

Your SfB account can be linked to your business telephone number and accessed via the desktop or mobile app. When using enterprise voice, this allows you to:

Make and receive your important calls from anywhere - internal and external - while maintain all call records in a single place. Many will use this to make and receive office extension calls remotely and virtually be in their office no matter where they are.

    • Use all existing communications (such as instant message, video chat, conferencing) both internally with colleagues but also externally with prospects.
    • Provide your international customers with local numbers to reach you and remove geographical and cost barriers
    • Use a range of devices such as desk phones, headsets and computers with Skype for Business.

There are different methods and vendors providing this extra service, meaning how it operates and charges can vary. For example, you can acquire a pay per use scheme or a more traditional monthly/annual contract. This is important as the type of package you go for and the vendor you choose will determine the features and capabilities that you get.

SfB Enterprise Voice Remotely

The ability to take inbound business calls remotely is one of the huge benefits of using SfB enterprise voice. If you’re not in the office (or don’t have an office) you can still have a direct business extension number. This is especially beneficial for those who travel and/or work remotely.

If you travel internationally, consider packages that include international calling included as a pay as you use option can be very expensive.

All other communications such as instant chat, video calling and conference calling can also be used remotely all from your SfB interface both on the desktop or mobile app.

Replace your phone system

If you’re using SfB enterprise voice, where does your traditional phone system fit into this? Well… It doesn’t and you’ll no longer need it. SfB enterprise voice does exactly (and much more) than what your traditional phone system does. By easily linking your business extension to your SfB account all external calls will come to your SfB. You can set up almost all your devices (depending on the provider) that you would currently use as for your traditional phone system. 

If you'd like any further advice or guidance on this topic, please feel free to get in touch with one of our O365 specialists for a free consultation specifically for your business! Email enquiries@conversant.technology or call on 03333442801.

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