Conversant Technology deployed the Voice for Teams platform with Compliant Call Recording, Contact Centre, and international SIP services to over 1500 users at global FinTech company, FNZ (NZE: FNZ) in early 2020.


FNZ ran several legacy systems that were fast becoming end-of-life. Without a centralised strategy, the company was grappling with out-of-date phone systems, hastily-introduced platforms such as Zoom, and separate messaging applications through older solutions, such as Skype for Business (SfB). Being able to scale and manage the company communications infrastructure was becoming increasingly difficult.

An added layer of complexity was that FNZ was in the middle of an aggressive acquisition strategy, and required newly-acquired companies to be assimilated at a technology level as fast as possible - a task that was impossible on its existing infrastructure.

Lastly, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted significant shortfalls in the capabilities of the existing systems. Overnight, additional needs such as compliant working from home, location-agnostic Contact Centre services, and uninterrupted customer service became priority number one on the agenda.

Having made the decision to migrate the whole company over to Microsoft Teams, it made sense to utilise the Teams interface to centralise all communications, both internal and external.


FNZ partner with major financial institutions to enable them to provide wealth-management services to their clients across direct, intermediated, and workplace channels. FNZ is based in Edinburgh, UK, and has over 2,500 staff worldwide.


Conversant delivered a unified communications platform for over 1500 users across the UK and Europe that included Direct Routing, in conjunction with:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • MiFID II-Compliant Call Recording
  • Contact Centre
  • International SIP services.

Conversant also provided a fully-managed service that included:

  • User support
  • Devices
  • User and license management.

All services were provided from our platform (distributed through Azure), and from our 24/7 support locations based in Bristol and Cwmbran.


Conversant completed Phase 1 of the project in early 2020. Migrating all contact centre users from the existing Avaya phone system, it was important that service was not disrupted, and outsourced contracts were maintained at 100% uptime. The migration included several services regulated by the FCA. There were 3 separate contact centre locations that needed migrating simultaneously to avoid any downtime.

FNZ became completely virtualised during the COVID-19 lockdown, shutting all locations. Conversant enabled users to utilise one solution – Teams – rather than several disjointed ones: Avaya, SfB, and Zoom. This involved migrating all numbers, services, and customer routing.

Conversant also managed the provision of remote devices to home workers, so as to ensure complete safety for users. The lockdown posed several logistical challenges that were successfully managed by the Conversant and FNZ project team.

Compliant Call Recording, Analytics, BI, and Reporting were rolled out to selected users to provide management with a full and rounded view of all company communications. This also created an environment that was compliant with the strict rules that FNZ are required to abide by.

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