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Our full-featured call recording solution for compliance and risk management working seamlessly with Microsoft Teams.

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Capture all Microsoft Teams collaboration

Capture all Microsoft Teams collaboration

With Conversant all Microsfot Teams interactions are readily available for easy identification, retrieval and analysis.

Call Recording

Record 100% of calls or configure the system to selectively record only certain calls.

Searching and filtering

Easily search for, retrieve and playback specific calls based on multi-criteria searching and filtering of a long list of variables.

Store all communications

Store all communications for a minimum of 5 years, or for any duration you choose, using our flexible retention rules capability.

Security and compliance at the core

Its flexibility and ease of use will help your organization comply with the PCI-DSS, the new GDPR and MIFID II regulations. 

Comprehensive security

Audit trails

Provides a record of who accessed any files on the platform and the time the files were accessed.


Recordings can be indexed by time, agent/employee, date, group, and a variety of other fields

Live Monitoring

Calls can be recorded & monitored in real-time based on supervisor permissions

Easy access to recordings

Simple to administer and use with a centralized management and remote site recording.

Multi-Site Call Recording

Record at multiple locations (even remote users) & manage the application at a central site.

Fine-Grained Privileged Access

Administrators to assign monitoring, recording and playback rights to specified users.

Rigorous compliance

A deep dive into the feature stack

A unified solution to manage all your call recording needs—from rigorous security and compliance to easy setup and adminstrating.

What’s included

Operating system agnostic

Linux or Windows and exports to standard file formats.

Limited Footprint

Unobtrusive packet-sniffing technology with little to no impact on your network.


Recordings can be indexed by time, agent/employee, date, group, and a variety of other fields

On-Demand Recording

Enables specified users to record only the calls they wish to record.

Look-Back Call Recording

Users can begin recording at any point during a call and still capture the entire call.

Selective Recording

Lets you define the inbound/outbound calls you want to record (all calls, % of calls or calls from specific number).

Mobility Support

Allows for recordings of calls that are forwarded to another location.

Call Tagging

Allows people to add custom information to the recordings.

Multi-criteria Searching

View detailed call information based on numerous criteria (day, week, custom range and IP ext)

Auto-delete and File Management

Allows for tenant-level file retention policies to be programmed for both long-term & short-term, either locally or off-site.

Audio File Encryption & Tamperproof Hashing

Secure access to the recordings, i.e. access by simple URL can be prohibited in general and allowed only for valid users who are logged into the web. Our solution may be configured to encrypt/decrypt files as well.

Add-on modulee

Screen Recording

Monitors computer activity, synchronized with voice recording, giving management an integrated view of all desktop & phone interactions.

Quality Management

An agent Evaluation module that allows supervisors to evaluate, coach & measure agent performance via a customizable agent scorecard tool.

Curveball Solutions

"Conversant have given us the ability to offer our customers reduced costs and helped reduce our own costs by removing kit from our own data centre. By using Conversant we have gone up against some competitors."

Steve Brown, Technical Director

Tudor Rose

"Conversant were meticulous in creating a cyber secure environment where our staff could have access to the latest PBX functions. We are now in a position where we are being proactively supported and monitored."

Sian Partington, Tudor Rose International

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