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We enabled this managed services provider to sell hosted telephony while saving them time and money

"Conversant have been a very reliable partner for Curveball."  The platform has enabled our teams to sell Hosted Telephony, safe in the knowledge there is a significant level of experience and robust, secure technology

Curveball Solutions

Conversant Technology (Bristol, UK) provide Curveball with access to their CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service Platform), to facilitate Hosted Unified Communications (UC) customers across the UK.

Conversants CPaaS platform, Emerald, comes with the backing of over 10 years of continuous experience in installing and supporting Hosted UC and over 15 years as a specialist Managed Service Provider (MSP) and SIP carrier. The platform is one of the few available where all aspects of the deployment are owned and managed internally within our own dedicated networks.

"Conversant have spent a significant amount of time, money and resources perfecting a platform that is robust, secure and completely voice optimised however, there is significantly more to our proposition. Our People are probably the most experienced and well trained Hosted UC professionals available. Our technology has been optimised to be the best platform no matter what methodology is deployed and our approach is based on mutual success", quotes Patrick Copping; MD Conversant Technology.

"Conversant has been a very reliable partner for Curveball. The platform has enabled our teams to sell Hosted Telephony, safe in knowledge there is a significant level of experience and robust, secure technology backing each deployment."

The unique setup means that Curveball retains the ownership of the customer without the significant costs of owning and managing internal infrastructure. The CPaaS platform has enabled Curveball to achieve our objectives, including rapid growth of our Hosted practice and aggresive customer acquisition. Steve Brown; Technical Director, Curveball Solutions

Unlike straightforward hosting, Emerald provides some significant advantages. Our partners retain the ownership of the customer, our platform just facilitates the deal as a “white label" service. Our Parners can also bring their own software allowing the partner to enjoy margin and points towards their partner status. Partners can also clearly state they have their own managed infrastructure providing a significant competitive advantage.

Conversant have been working with Curveball Solutions for over 18 months, enabling almost 2,000 users, the largest single install being 300+ users on a single instance with the capability to provide 256 simultaneous interactions.

The package

Conversant manage more than 8,000 end users across several active partners, allowing all deployment methodologies on the CPaaS infrastructure. Emerald is capable of worldwide, multi site, multi country deployments with POP's in the UK, New York and Asia with SIP services available globally. Fresh deployments can be available in under 24 hours with 24/7 support available.

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