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In a complex world, we believe in making things simple

In a complex world, we believe in making things simple

If there is one thing that the pandemic has proven, it is that we need to be flexible in order to thrive, and many organisations’ legacy PBX systems do not allow for this, as well as being expensive to maintain.

With over half of UK employees now at least partially home-based, we have focussed our energies and talents on removing the barriers to effective multi-location working, by harnessing the might of Microsoft Teams to create a holistic virtual workplace. Wherever, whenever, however it works for you.

Microsoft Teams enables not only call and meeting facilities, but also application integration all based in the cloud. At Conversant we then add in our comprehensive selection of wraparound solutions that make it possible for you to provide a fully unified voice and telephony service, including call routing, contact centre, call analytics, social media management and compliance call recording, complete with integration into your CRM.

In a complex world, we believe in making things simple

Everything in one place

This creates a complete hybrid working solution, so you don’t miss a call or lose a document. It maximises return on your Microsoft investment, while increasing your efficiency and productivity. Moreover, supervisors and managers benefit from real-time information, enabling them to flag up concerns, assess agent deployment and analyse productivity and effectiveness, without dropping a beat.

Our solutions are designed to improve your organisation’s productivity and customer service, while we worry about the tech – making sure your system works, is fully secure, and future-proof.

Hybrid working solutions

Our comprehensive MS Teams portfolio can help you with

In a complex world, we believe in making things simple

Thousands of users can’t be wrong

We specialise in solutions for healthcare, education, finance and commerce, ranging from Neath Port Talbot College in Wales (consisting of nine campuses and covering a third of the country, geographically), to Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Trust, to global finance giant FNZ. We have enabled tens of thousands of users to date, and have saved our customers untold amounts of time, stress and money.

This is what we do. And we believe this puts us ahead of the pack.