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Fluent technologies Ltd was started in July 2013 by a well-established telecommunications company Fluent Communications Ltd. Fluent Communications Ltd have been selling traditional PBX’s since the start of 2005 and with the convergence of IT and Telecoms now vast taking over, it was decided we need to bring on a new provider to be able to compete in todays market. With several good options available we decided to focus on Conversant due to how easy they were to work along side. We have recently moved over around 30 Virtual Machines to Conversant and have had 0 issues with them. Uptime has been 100% and the move has been very simple.

Conversant have given us the ability to offer our customers reduced costs and helped reduce our own costs by removing kit from our own data centre. By using Conversant we have gone up against some competitors and won with their help. Fluent have replaced many different systems and we have found it very straight forward every time with no hassle.

We’ve found the team at Conversant extremely easy to work with and very helpful when needed. They helped us every step of the way from day 1 and we couldn’t be happier we chose such a supportive and outstanding company to help us grow our business.

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