Tudor Rose

Tudor Rose
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Many of the UK’s most recognised brands trust Tudor Rose to provide specialist export solution to match their international goals. They help their clients increase market penetration, build brand awareness, drive revenues and realise business efficiencies. They do this by combing their export knowledge in international sales, logistics, customer service, export compliance, finance and marketing.

“We gain great international insights by working closely with our customers in their local markets” - John, Commercial Director

Tudor Rose work with clients on a major international basis so ensuring a strong and reliable communications system is in place an essential part for the success of the company. Conversant Technology were successfully able to meet the requirements for Tudor Rose and deliver a smooth service without any downtime to the end user.

Describing the process

“They were meticulous in creating a cyber secure environment where our staff could have access to the latest PBX functions. We are now in a position where we are being proactively supported and monitored. We feel fully supported, educated and protected but with a service that has a personal touch.” - Sian Partington, Tudor Rose International

Conversant Technology conuntine to provide Tudor Rose with their communications system with the end user “delighted” with their experience with the company and service they have received over the last 18 months.

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