Conversant helps Wireless DNA connect with their customers through WhatsApp

Following Conversant Technology’s expansion in North America, we are delighted to have won new business with Canadian client Wireless DNA.

Wireless DNA is a Canadian company whose vision is to connect Canadians with their loved ones around the world, via mobile call and data packages based on WhatsApp enabling relatives in South Asia and Latin America to stay in touch easily and affordably.

With retail outlets around Canada, and existing programs including wireless data, chat, phone packages and also business communications, they were lacking the integration to manage their revenue streams in a cohesive way.

Conversant enabled us to streamline our operations, with WhatsApp channels for each country we operate in all controlled and integrated centrally.

Wireless DNA
Working with Conversant on a WhatsApp platform, we enabled them to manage their chat offerings on a country-by-country platform, integrated in Microsoft Teams, so that:
  • All internal communications and team administration sit in one interface within Teams

  • Their WhatsApp customers are streamed by country channel for easy management

  • Everything is integrated with their CRM, so all agents have complete customer visibility

  • Customers manage their contracts via WhatsApp, which is their service of choice – this is a particular feature in developing countries where WhatsApp largely replaces other calling and messaging options.
DNA Wireless came to us in March 2022, and the solution went live at the end of May. Find out more about Conversant Group and the products we are offering across the world, helping to enhance Microsoft Teams.

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