Are you using MS Teams to its full potential?

Microsoft Teams has emerged as a game-changing collaboration platform, revolutionising the way businesses communicate, collaborate, and stay productive. However, despite its widespread adoption, many organisations are still underutilising its extensive capabilities. If you're using Microsoft Teams merely as a chat tool or for basic video conferencing, you might be missing out on a plethora of features that can supercharge your team's efficiency and streamline your workflows.
1. Centralised Communication Hub
Beyond simple messaging, Microsoft Teams serves as a centralised hub for all your communication needs. From individual chats to group conversations, teams, and channels, it offers a structured environment to manage discussions, share files, and collaborate seamlessly.
2. Document Collaboration and Sharing
Teams enables real-time document collaboration through integration with Microsoft 365 applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Say goodbye to version control headaches and redundant emails – collaborate on documents within Teams and see changes in real-time.
3. Video Conferencing and Meetings
Teams isn't just about video calls; it's about immersive meeting experiences. Utilise features like background blur, custom backgrounds, and meeting recording. Additionally, the Shifts app lets you manage work schedules, making it a great tool for shift-based industries.
4. Integrations and Third-Party Apps
Extend the capabilities of Microsoft Teams by integrating third-party apps that your team relies on. From project management tools to customer relationship management (CRM) systems, these integrations create a cohesive ecosystem within Teams, reducing the need to switch between different apps. Our C360 integration is perfect for bringing your communication channels together!
5. Automate with Power Platform
The Power Platform integration allows you to create custom apps, automate processes, and build chatbots within Teams. This empowers your team to automate routine tasks, improving efficiency and reducing manual work.
6. Custom Tabs and Apps
Tailor Microsoft Teams to suit your team's needs by adding custom tabs and apps. Whether it's integrating a dashboard, survey, or a company-wide news feed, you can create a personalised experience that aligns with your workflows.
7. External Collaboration
Extend collaboration beyond your organisation by inviting external partners, clients, or vendors to join specific channels or conversations. Safely collaborate and share information without compromising security.
8. Security and Compliance
Teams prioritises security and compliance, with features like data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and compliance with industry regulations. Safeguard sensitive information while benefiting from robust collaboration.
9. Training and Onboarding
Use Teams as a training platform by conducting virtual workshops, sharing training materials, and providing interactive sessions. It's a versatile tool for onboarding new team members and fostering ongoing skill development.
10. Analytics and Insights
Leverage Teams' analytics to gain insights into team performance, communication patterns, and engagement levels. Use these insights to optimise workflows, improve collaboration, and refine your approach.
Microsoft Teams isn't just a communication tool; it's a dynamic platform that can transform how your organisation operates. By harnessing its full potential, you can streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and propel your team's productivity to new heights.

Whether you're in a small business or a large enterprise, exploring and implementing the diverse range of features offered by Teams will undoubtedly lead to a more efficient, connected, and successful workplace.

Conversant can also help to enhance your MS Teams environment with our communication management platform, C360 which brings Teams Calling, Contacts Centre, Interaction Recording and Social Media Messaging together from inside Teams.

To have a look at C360 for yourself, book a demo by selecting the 'Get started' button below or visit our C360 modules page here. 

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